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Principal's Message

Infant Jesus Academy firmly believes in empowering all children through education. We cannot always build the future for our children but we can build the children for the future.

Children are God’s investment in the hands of parents. But God never expects any profit from this investment, instead He wants that His investment should flourish to its maximum. So, dear children, if you want to flourish and prosper in your life then have trust in your parents, teachers, make good friends and leave laziness which foster evil habits.

From the life and experience I have a humble request to my young growing up Children, make friendship with good books which would illuminate your mind. Your attire and sanctity ought to be according to your age. Your life and attitude should be according to your knowledge and age. Never and ever pain your parents, teachers, elders and friends and be the cause to shed their tears on account of you. Remember always, a humble man is the greatest among men who pursue the path of truth and justice. Having bad habits and bad friends are like hiding the fire under a heap of hay

Rooby Thadathil


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