Infrastructure Details

Infant Jesus Academic

Infrastructure Details

The school maintains and periodically upgrades its website incorporating all the latest information relevant to the times. It gives a realistic picture of the infrastructure of the school which parents can view and decide if they wish to admit their wards here.

Infant Jesus Academy boasts a super infrastructure that is the pride of any school. The classrooms are spacious and airy, and normally accommodate 40 students to a room. The public address system available in each classroom allows the authorities to announce important matters in no time. The smart classrooms and interactive panels make teaching-learning a pleasure. It ensures that every student grasps all concepts with clarity and totality.

Infant Jesus Academy is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Bharat, and is periodically inspected by the education department and affiliation renewed. Lying on seven acres of prime land in the vicinity of Patna, the school offers an imposing but panoramic view to the casual visitor.

The school has adequate indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Outdoor games such as football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, kabaddi, and indoor games such as carom, ludo, chess, etc. Are encouraged and developed among students. Opportunities for team games and physical training are facilitated by trained physical instructors. The annual sports meet is held to boost the spirit of sportsmanship in the students.

A well-equipped composite lab for Physics, Chemistry, Biology,and Math provides a requisite hands-on experience which is the heart of Science teaching. Science teachers along with the lab assistant plan various demonstrations and experiments to ignite the curiosity and inculcate a scientific temperament in the students

All classes can go to the seven digital class room, that has been equipped with computer and LCD projector . The facility now enjoyed by students according to their periods will be extended to all the classes.

We have a good school library with a stock of around 9000 books and several periodicals drawn from varied fields. The Reference Section has a variety of standard encyclopedias, dictionaries, year book, almanac and reference books. There is a qualified and efficient librarian, who helps and enthuses to use the library. Elaborate sitting arrangements have also made for students to peacefully engage themselves engrossed in studies

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