About Infant Jesus Academic

Infant Jesus Academic
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About Infant Jesus Academic

Infant Jesus Academy Is committed to promote authentic human values that are universal and are relevant to our times and culture.


Ours is an English medium public school affiliated to CBSE BHARAT Established with the purpose of imparting quality education, giving stress to moral principles and equipping the wards to face any challenges of Techno world. Through these years, it had proved its own individuality in socio, educational and technical level. Since the establishment, the management has given priority to quality education-easy for the ordinary people to afford. It will continue to do so in the forth coming years too. Here in this school admission is based on merit only. Special emphasis will be provided in the field of sports and arts. Above all the management and the school is dented to the overwhelming response, support and co-operation shown by you in all realms. You are our inspiration, Hoping to have the same


Our aims and objectives is to carve Stones to Diamonds. In toto, to inculcate the aplomb – principles of the present and the future scenario.


Our school , the output of Thadathil Educational and Charitable Trust is profoundly and completely dedicated and devoted to impart genuine quality techno education.

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